Value as Achievement Catalyst

By Diki Saefurohman
(Undergraduate at Forest Product Technology, Faculty of Forestry) 

Achievement can be interpreted as a goodness attainment increase  in life. With the thinking like this the achievement can not always be measured by the ranking or order of the championship. It is closely associated with the development, growth, and progress. It was more qualitative than quantitative. It was more meaningful than a formalistic.

The explanation above will be a very broad achievement. On varsity, we will find any achievement in many field such as academic, organization, entrepreneurship, art, sport etc.

Between Individual and Group Achievement

Achievement can be divide into an individual and group scale. Actually, a group achievement is an accumulation of synergizing individual achievement. There are no group achievement without individual itself. Therefore, to build a group achievement there are an effort in the  individual achievement encouragement.

Achievement and Faculty of Forestry IPB

If we learn about Faculty of Forestry IPB achievement, it means we learn about a group achievement. in other word, the entire of its stakeholders will become one as faculty achievement. inside, there are students, lecturers and staffs.

Lately, a lot of good news about the achievements of Fahutan (Faculty of Forestry). There are the best graduates, winning the gold trophy at the PIMNAS, a lecturer who managed to find a forest of technological innovation, and so on. We could said that image of Fahutan forward in terms of performance began to shine. Surely this is a good news.

Now our focus is progression that is the characteristic of development human civilization. What we do in this case is to accelerate and lead the performance improvement of Fahutan. Acceleration as the basic progression itself and capitalization as stimulus continuity.

There is a provision to accelerate and capitalize rights in Fahutan achievement. the provision itself means values. These values ​​are guidelines for each individual in everyday behavior. When the set value is collectively accepted the values ​​into shared-values. Some of the most influential values ​​or be referred to as the primary reference values ​​of the basic or core values ​​(primary values).

There are at least three basic values ​​that a provision to accelerate and capitalize achievement in Fahutan. These values ​​are inclusive, appreciative culture, and synergy. Inclusiveness in question is the attitude of open mind. With this attitude Fahutan components were able to see many other faculty advancement and adopted it without forgetting the good values ​​that are rooted in Fahutan like family. After that there new innovations that are developed from the results of adoption. Examples of applicative values are trying to adopt an event organizer skill at BEM School of Economics and Management which  is pretty famous among Fahutan. In practical terms this can be done by the adoption of comparative studies for example.

The next value is appreciative culture. This culture is very relevant application in stimulating an increase in performance. This culture can boost performance without intending to release the sincerity of this collective values. With the culture of each individual is then driven to excel at once appreciate the achievements of others. Obviously this is very humane. If this culture is internalized in Fahutan then automatically capitalization achievements would be formed and the impact is very positive for performance acceleration of Fahutan.

The last value is synergy. Fahutan achievement would not be optimal if there were only individual achievement orientation and specific components without collective achievement orientation. this Synergy value could gather the individuals achievement with its specific components into a collective achievement. we needs to share our vision with Dekanat, Himpro, BEM, DPM, and other components of Fahutan. Of course, if there is a desire towards excellence Fahutan achievement, those vision would be ours completely. On top of that vision is built by the true cooperation. One of those cooperation could be gather in a single big program in one period.

Those values ​actually would be the achievement catalystic if it properly internalized in each individual or component in Fahutan. All we have to do are to start instilling these values ​​in our personal sincerely. As Leo Tolstloy said, “Many people have an idea of ​​how other people should change. But very few people have any idea how to change himself”.


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